R2D2 and C3PO

The 2017 ASEE Robotics Competition was held in Columbus, OH.

The 2017 competition required teams to design a robot (or robots) that could travel along a route with various hazards such as "reefs" and "storms" while depositing and retrieving barrels in various "ports."

Cedarville designed two sets of robots for this competition.

C3PO, the large one, was designed to run the track by itself and had deposit and retrieval mechanisms on both sides. R2 and D2, our two-robot solution, split the work by each running half the course.

All three robots were 3D printed and fitted with printed circuit boards. C3PO used an Arduino Due and both R2 and D2 used Arduino Nanos. The robots were also equipped with line sensors to follow the black lines and wall sensors to follow alonside the walls.

Cedarville finished first place overall with C3PO, while R2 and D2 took fourth place.